Kindle Best Seller Calculator

Good News! have come out with a calculator that actually calculates how much sales a book is selling daily.

Click here for the calculator (US Ranking only)

However, do bear in mind that the reality figure are usually lower than the one shown in the calculator. For example, a book with global ranking of #30,000 sells about 10 books a day. In our reality world, the sales for that book usually ranged between 3 and 8.

There are some factors that affect the sales of a particular book. In my previous post, I have mentioned that in order for a book to sell, you must have the 6 pre-determine factor right. They are:

  • Cover Image
  • Title
  • Sub-Title
  • Description
  • Reviews
  • Quality of the book

The better reviews and ratings you get, the more likely that your book sells. You must also remember that your sales are also affected by your competitor who wrote a book that is similar to your niche. Generally your book will sell better if you get to TOP #10 of the sub category.

To use the calculator, simply key in the global ranking of any book and see how well they are doing.

global ranking


global ranking2


global ranking3

Do checkout my next post on how to market your kindle book even better with some costs.

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How to: Market Your Kindle Book at $0 cost!

Hi, in this post I will talk about how to market your book and lead to more sales!

In Amazon KDP, there is an option which you can give away your book for FREE for a maximum of 5 days; every 90 days OR at a discounted price. This option is call KDP Select and this program is a extremely powerful and useful feature for indie publisher to market their book and push up the ranking.

I personally suggest that you give away you books and maximize your marketing plan in those 5 days period.

Before I begin, you need to know the 6 determine factor that affects your book sales

  • Title
    • You need a concise and straight forward title with not more than 5 words. These words should let the potential reader knows what is the content of the book going to be like
  • Sub-title
    • This is where you elaborate further to the audience on what they are going to expect from this book.
  • Cover Image
    • Humans are all visualize creature and we see picture more than we read words. Cover image is going to be the very first impression you create to the audience. A good cover image will attract reader to read further on your title and sub title.
  • Description
    • Interested reader(s) will then proceed to read your description and see what content or story that you are trying to show. This is the part where you need to explain the content of the book. It can be a short of long description but it doesn’t matter. As long as you describe the book in a concise manner.
  • Quality of the Book
    • Your book MUST be of HIGH quality. For Fiction books, do remember that you are writing stories with a sequence of events happening in that book. Powerful English and use of words must be very carefully select in order to capture the audience’s attention. For Non-Fiction Book, you do not need a very powerful English but your content must be real and workable (for Self-Help). A lousy quality book will ended up in a low star review and that goes your book. Reader(s) also see the ratings review before committing to buy the book. Just imagine you have 10 people giving all 1 star review, this is going to create a bad impression that the book is lousy and not worth spending the money and time to read it.
  • Reviews
    • The more positive reviews you have, the more likely that your book is going sell or being downloaded. This is no brainer because imagine there are a lot of people queuing up for a certain hamburger and you have seen this company in the newspaper, magazine for its great review, do you want to que up and give it a try and eat? Of course you do!

With the above checked and confident that your book will sell. You can now plan for your marketing strategy.

Now, you will have to plan a auspicious day to have your book given out for free. Having said that, what I mean is that you have to select the 5 days free give away at least 7 days ahead. Below are the steps I feel is best and it worked for me.

Step 1 (7 – 10 days before KDP Select):
Set a date on KDP select for the 5 days give away. Ideally, set a date which is 7-10 days ahead, which covers Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Based on my experience, I have great download rate during the weekends and also Monday. I have no idea why but this is the result I got.

Step 2 (7 – 10 days before KDP Select):
Now that you have selected the dates for free giveaway. You can start to market your book. First, go to my promotional sites and submit your books to the FREE promotional sites. Some sites would have requirements that you do not have. It is okie and proceed with another sites.

Step 3 (7 – 10 days before KDP Select):
If you do not have a Facebook account and Twitter account, I strongly suggest that you create one. These social media platform is excellent for promoting your book. If you have that account, please wait untill the actual day then you post it up.

Step 4 (1 – 3 days before KDP Select):
Start emailing to all your friends or your students that you are going to publish a book for FREE. Asked them to to give a honest review whenever possible. As I have said, the more reviews (higher ratings) you have, the likely possible that your audience will download the book!

Step 5 (Actual day of KDP Select):
Go to promotional site again, this time, use the Facebook group and twitter group that I have written to blast it out to all the audience in the social media. Social media is powerful only when applied on that day itself. As the content of the social media updated every seconds, your best bet is to post your promotion every single day and let all your followers know about it.

All the above steps are FREE and you spend $0 on it. With the 6 predetermine factors, you should be able to get hundreds or thousands of downloads during the 5 days period.

I have applied this tactics and it works a like a charm! I used the above methods on a self-help book and lets see the result below:

This is the end of the first ranking

first day free rank


A few days later (#1 on both categories)

5 day free ranking


Total downloads

total downloads


Paid Ranking (As of 28 Jan 2016)

paid ranking now


Why Higher Ranking?
With a higher ranking, your book will have more exposure to the audience. Just imagine people searched for a content of self help and your book pops out as the top search with good reviews, it is likely that the person will purchase the book with no doubts! If you could keep your ranking in the TOP #20, you should have purchases every single day. Once you gain popularity of the book, you may increase the price further and yet people will still buy your book. This is where you  earn big bucks.

Marketing strategy was never easy nor a fast process. A good book requires at least 3-6 months to get #1 ranking with more than 20 reviews. But once you hit #1 and if it keeps it there. You can see money rolling into your account just like a opened tap running flow of water.

I hope the above marketing strategy is helpful and benefits you.

In my next post, I will show how you can market your book even further, with some costs.

Talk soon,

Ryan Tee


How To: Publish a book on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

Today, I will be posting on How To: Publish a book on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). First, do you know what Amazon KDP is and how it works? I will introduce Amazon KDP; and the step by step guide on how to publish a kindle book on Amazon KDP! Read on and get yourself ready for passive income!

Amazon is a massive company which can be relates to Ebay, Qoo10, Alibaba and other online wholesalers/retailer. They pretty much worked the same except that Amazon is famous for its kindle book, or known as eBook. Research have found out that Amazon sold every 300 books per second and this is something that we, as an indie (individual) publisher would want our book(s) to be published in a place like this and earn massive income from it.

Compare to other eBook seller company like Nook, ITunes book and other services, I personally think that Amazon provides a near-perfection platform for indie publisher to setup their book and sell in the Amazon store. With book, cover image and descriptions ready on hand, indie publisher only need about 5 minutes to submit their book for review. This is especially useful when we are in a fast pace modern world and every second counts in earning passive income!

Below, I will show you the steps on how to publish a book on Amazon KDP. First, register your account at Sign up are simple, just follow the instructions and you should be able to create an account in about 15 minutes.

Now, login your account and you will be brought to the BookShelf Page.


Click on [Create new title] as shown in the image

You will be sending to a page where you need to key in details of your book. Let’s do this one at a time.

Tick on [Enroll this book in KDP select]


This is very useful to market your book. For every 90 days, you will be able to give your book for FREE for 5 days or at a discounted rate. I personally recommend that you give out your book for free for 5 days, every 90 days. The idea is to get as much people to download your book as possible to increase your ranking. Ranking plays an important role on your sales, the higher ranking your book gets, the more exposure your book will be and people are more willing to buy your book. I will explain more on marketing your kindle book in the following post.

Enter your [Book title]


Enter your [book sub title (If any)]

Enter the [description of your book]

Click on [Add Contributors] and enter your name as Author (if you are an indie publisher and you own the book). Otherwise, put the name as according to the contribution of the book.


Click on [This is not a public domain and I hold the rights]

Click on Add Categories and look for a suitable category that your book falls onto. Amazon KDP made it in such a way that you can only insert TWO categories for every book. So, choose wisely or your book might not expose to the targeted audience. Avoid putting your book as [General] in specific category as there are thousands of books that may have the same content you wrote. Be specific in the category. Your book are likely to sell when you targeted a specific niche than a general audience.


If your book is erotica or romance in nature, then set an age limit to the book, otherwise you can just ignore and proceed.

You are allow to key in 7 keywords on every. This is also another factor that affects your sales; choose relevant keywords to your book.


For example, I publish a book on saving marriage; I would go to and type save marriage. Scroll down and see what are the common keywords that people searched for, then choose the appropriate keyword including the one which you keyed in search engine (Save Marriage for my case) onto the keywords box too. Keywords could be change as and when you want. Along the way you might feel that you found a more suitable keyword for your book, feel free to change it. What you did might boost up your sales!

You are almost there!!

Next, upload your image cover. Do lookout for approved dimension and pixel. It is recommended that you hire someone who is experience in kindle cover design. In this way, you will save time and hassle. If you need to create a professional ebook cover, I can do it for you for $5. I have helped many to design professional ebook cover and boost their sales. You can look for my service here (


One of my testimonial:

testimonal F1

Click on [Enable Digital Rights Management]

Click on the button [Save and Continue]

Now you are at the 2nd page of the setup. (Remain the option as worldwide rights) and Set the price you feel is right for you. For new book, I suggest between 0.99 and 2.99 USD.


Amazon KDP has its own royalty’s payment system. Every book you sell between 0.99 and 2.98, you will get 35% royalty.

In between 2.99 and 9.99 USD, you will get 70% royalties.

If you book doesn’t get any reviews and you are selling at a higher price, chance is that nobody would want to buy that book. In the next blog post, I will show you exactly how to market your book and boost up your sales.

Accept the terms of condition of Amazon KDP and DA DANG! You are almost done.


Wait for about 24hours for your book to be reviewed. Generally, your book will be approved and up in stores in less than 24hours.

Congratulation on your first book published in Amazon KDP and your path to passive income!

In my next blog post, I will post on how to market your kindle book the inexpensive way. Do sign up my newsletter and get updated.

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